Bali (Indonesia).

20.02.2016 – 26.02.2016

After a 4 hour delay to our flight from Perth to Denpasar it was time to hit Bali and start our adventure. We’d been planning this trip for a year and downsized our lives from an apartment to a backpack, so nothing would dampen our excitment.

Bartering for a cab at the airport started with gusto, but after a long day we just paid a driver to take us to our accommodation. The Frangipani Homestay was amazing. Highly recommend staying there if you go to Nusa Dua. Every aspect of our stay from the fresh towels to breakfast was perfect. We spent the first day cruising around Nusa Dua, taking the free bus to the Bali Collection shopping centre and looking around the beach. Foot massage was on point. On the second day we paid a driver 350,000IRP (35AUD) to take us to Uluwatu for the day. This is a beautiful part of the world. We stopped at Padang Padang beach and the Uluwatu Temple which is situated on the edge of a cliff face. It was really cool to see the monkeys all together eating corn and bananas. Our driver recommended that we take off our sunglasses before entry to the temple, and we are so glad we did! We saw two occasions of monkey’s stealing sunglasses from tourists, and then chewing on the ends as a plastic toy!

That night we went to Ketuts BBQ Kitchen for dinner. Speedy, the waiter was so excited to tell us they were the only restaurant in Nusa Dua to have avocado on the menu.


On Day 4 we travelled to Sanur (North East of Denpasar). This place, while lovely, is full of many expats and OLD PEOPLE. Most of the time in Sanur we cruised the streets being harrassed by locals to buy their gear or take up their offer to be our driver. We are much happier walking thank you! We were constantly asked if we were husband and wife! Haha. Especially when we had a massage, it seems to be the small talk of choice for the Indonesians. Our accommodation at Sanur (Louto Dmell – located down a winding alley three street back from the main road) will not be receiving good reviews on Although fairly simple, the unclean towels, outdoor shower and toilet, lamp still covered in plastic and the doorway that was half the width of Nathan’s shoulder left much to be desired. Three nights was plenty. With Balinese humidity constantly at 90% or above it either rained while you were showering or you would sweat as you showered. Completely pointless in both circumstances.

The second day in Sanur we took the Sanur Express Ferry to Nusa Lembongan (Lembongan Island). Upon arrival it was clear the size of the island would not be navigated well by foot. Nathan (a total genius) decided to hire a moped for the day. 100,000IRP ($10AUD) seemed better than walking. This was Nathan’s highlight of Bali. Zooming around the island was easy and we were able to see so much of this beautiful island. The best parts were Mushroom Beach where we had lunch and just watched the world go by and Devil’s Tear. Devil’s Tear is on the southern tip of the island and is an incredible combination of a rocky shoreline and powerful ocean which sends water shooting into the air off the rocks and out of the underwater caves. A sight to behold.

Food was definitely the highlight of the stay. We found the most amazing little shack that sold Pork Satay Sticks – $3.5 AUD for 10! Absolutely unbelievable, the pork was moist, and the satay marinate was so tasty, combined with a charcoal exterior. YUMMMMM!

We also stumbled upon a modern food market on the final night. There was lots of food to try, much of which we had no idea what it was. After Bianca had a naan bread full of different curry flavours and Nathan had a chicken, beef and tofu skewer it was time to branch out. One hit was the black sticky rice we discovered in a mixed dessert bowl we ordered (we still don’t know what anything else was!). The miss was definitely almost ordering chicken feet. We worked out that Ayam is Indonesian for Chicken, but what we thought was just chicken noodles, was chicken feet. Always best to ask before you buy.

On the final day (transit day) we hired a driver to take up around Kuta, Seminyak and Legion to give Bianca some shopping time. Although it was a nice way to finish our time in Bali, it basically rained all day which not only slowed our progress, but made our flight to Singapore very turbulent. We didn’t mind…. (easy to say post flight, if asked on the flight, it was probably a different story)

Indonesia (Bali) you receive 4 star. A great way to start our adventure.

See you in Singapore!



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  1. Beautiful! Indonesia looks like a beautiful country

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  2. Great post … bali is a beautiful place . We could have pointed you guys to some true wonders . Maby next time 🙂


    1. Ah shame! We are going to so many places, if you have any recommendations for anywhere else in Asia, let us know. We are just waiting at the airport to go to Sumatra!

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  3. Queen Emma says:

    Aww you kids are so cute! Just thought you might want an update on what I have been doing too so…..I went to work, then Coles and to bed 😂 Keep having the best time xx


  4. caitlinjayne91 says:

    awesome post!


    1. Thanks so much! We love Bali, even after visiting so many other destinations. It’s still a favourite!

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