26.02.2016 – 29.02.2016

A city that is truly a melting pot of cultures from all over the globe, Singapore has a lot happening. We loved our stay at The Pod (on Beach Rd). Yes we stayed in a POD (it was super cool). Even though it broke the bank at $75AUD a night. It was located right in the middle of the Arab Quarters, one of Singapore’s three main cultural hubs, food and transport was easily accessible.

We spent the majority of our first day walking through the city. I’d hate to know how many kilometres we clocked up. After a sizable wrong turn (over a major bypass bridge) we eventually made our way to the Botanical Gardens. This is really great place to visit. We were too stingy to pay the 30SPD to walk through the Flower Dome and Cloud Forrest, but the walk around the gardens was worth the visit – even if it was for the aquarium featuring crocodile look fish.

Our next stop was Chinatown. The hawkers markets here are incredible. Just 10SPD got us loads of food for lunch. First food we ate was Popiah (think peanut vegetarian rice paper roll); we have absolutely no idea what was in it, but it rocked our socks. This was paired with a Dragonfruit and Soursop fresh fruit juice, which tasted like purple heaven. We also tried soy bbq chicken which was amazing (2SPG for a whole plate fo rice covered in mouth watering roast chicken).  There are over 200 stalls in this marketplace so you’re bound to find some good food. Bianca was in food heaven, watching the cooks prepare and make a million different meals was worth the visit alone.

To finish the day we thought we’d do a free walking tour around the city. It started well and was super informative, but after being harassed by the tour guide’s girlfriend and walking for over 3 hours we thought it was time to slip away into the darkness before the tour ended. It’s probably still going as we write this post.

IMG_0307 [157947]

(Nathan standing outside the original Singapore Cricket Grounds)

Our second day was spent recovering! We spent the morning sleeping in, had lunch in Little India and walked around the famous shopping district of Orchard Road in the afternoon. If you’re in Singapore, the Arab Quarter is the place to be. It has the best range of food and is very on trend. Chinatown has excellent food for cheap and Little India has a very similar vibe to India itself (according to Bianca). Orchard Road is home to an incredible array of high end fashion (think Chanel, Prada etc). Bianca was shopping with her eyes.

The street is also littered with ice-cream vendors. For 1.20SPD you receive a slab of ice-cream with the choice of a slice of bread or wafers around it. Ice-cream, yes, wrapped in a slice of bread, even better, selecting the flavour Durian, AWFUL. This flavour is hideous. Bianca was more sensible and selected raspberry ripple which was a delightful choice.

Singapore was a lovely city full of great culture. No more than three days required really. It receives 3.5 stars.

The half point comes from Singaporeans love of french bulldogs. They have a over life-size statue in the heart of the city, and they also feature throughout may stores, Bianca was in heaven.

Tomorrow we leave Singapore for Melaka. See you in Malaysia!


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