Melaka (Malaysia).

29.02.2016 – 03.03.2016

Melaka…. Melacca

Melaka (the city)……..a city located in the Malaysian state of Melacca (the region); 4 hours north of Singapore by bus. The city consists of approximately 20 irrelevant museums. Melaka was a bit if a non-event from start to finish.

Reaching the city was exciting. The bus driver from Singapore who was a complete nutcase. He yelled in his native tongue at every chance, shooed us away when we got to the bus 10 minutes early and couldn’t hussle everyone back onto the bus at immigration fast enough.

Melaka has a big Dutch flavor, with few remaining artifacts paying tribute to the early Dutch and Portuguese settlers. In the middle of the town is St Pauls Church, built in 1521 (oldest church in South – East Asia). The church is on a hill, which created for some pretty epic views at sunset.

Our accommodation was simple, clean but with super hard beds. It was supposed to be amazing, according to the reviews on trip advisor, but I’m not sure if we stayed at the same one, as all the positive reviews. So many positive reviews it has won many trip advisor awards. Luckily we only had to stay one night, as by the grace of the universe, on the second day the guest house staff informed us the power had stopped working, and they relocated us to different guest house (which was actually a lot better).

Something authentic to Melacca is heavily decorated transportation bikes. They are everywhere, seen with tourists going from one site to another. They are decorated in different themes, usually like a popular movie (Hulk, Minions etcs) our favourite was the Frozen tribute… (see photo below)

Melaka highlights:

  • Le Tour De Langkawi – Malaysias version of the Le Tour De France. We managed to stumble upon this event, which was actually pretty cool to see in action. Incredible Nathan had never seen a cycling race live! So he was super stoked!!!!


  • Zootopia (The movie) we treated ourselves to a movie experience (OMG – Caramel popcorn from the cinemas was SHAMAZING!!) AMAZING you must go see it!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!


  • Rice Balls from the iconic famous rice ball café, we also had crispy pork and chicken for here as well – delightful and super cheap (approx. $6 for the feast)


  • Jonker Street. The main central street, which is again full of commercial tourism highlights, a tribute to a late weightlifter and a servere lack of locals and authenticity.


  • River cruise up the central river, highlighting the few authentic tourist highlights, including an unfinished monorail and a heavily polluted river. It went for nearly an hour and cost 5RM each (approx. $1.50 ) – worth it.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bianca also had her first of many celebrity moments in Melaka, with a few people asking to stop and take photos with her tourist and locals!

After two fairly uneventful days we took the bus 2 hours north to Kuala Lumpur to wait for our flight to Medan, Sumatra. If you do happen to find yourself in Melacca, we would recommend using bus as transport, as the bus seats are massage chairs. Yes massage chairs, and for only about $8 each!

We both were in agreeance that Melaka was too tourist focused and a little commercialized. (the whole city feels like a theme park) and for this reason Melaka receives a grand total of 0.5 stars***

See you in Sumatra!


*** We would like to say that we were in Melacca from a Monday to Thursday, and believe that on the weekend it would be a much more social place. Our recommendation would be to plan to go on a weekend, or don’t go at all. A lot of shops and restaurants where closed during our stay.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. eanstarz says:

    nice ! love ur pics . i have been there once but not at night.


  2. other Nanny says:

    love catching up with you guys 🙂 also have some great pictures of Deb and Colin at Easter Island they are now back in Chile to board their cruise Love you both xxxx


    1. Thanks Nanny! We are currently in Borneo and leave for Kuala Lumpur tomorrow 🙂
      I have been trying to follow Aunty Deb on facebook too xxxx


  3. other Nanny says:

    hope you have a chance to celebrate Easter wishing you all the best for this holiday xxxx


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