Monday Moment 4

24.01.16 – Nullarbor Plain, South Australia, Australia

Nullarbor translates to no tree and that is exactly what you get. A whole lot of desert terrain with no trees. This doesn’t mean it is completely baron, you still encounter quite an array of shrubbery, but the Nullarbor is something to behold. The road itself connects Ceduna (South Australia) and Norseman (Western Australia). Much of the landscape is complemented by the stunning cliff faces of the Great Australian Bight.

FullSizeRender [235436]

We drove close to 1800km over two days from Port Lincoln to Esperance to smash the Nullarbor driving as there is not a lot to do along this stretch. The landscape is a photographers dream and the road is a must for all who travel to Australia. Each town is literally a roadhouse managed by some wonderful people who adore the Australian outback. We would highly recommend stopping overnight at one, we stayed at the Nullarbor Roadhouse.

I take my hat off to all truck drivers who travel this road regularly, it would not be easy!

IMG_0333 [221119]



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