Monday Moment 10

06.03.16 – Samosir Island (Lake Toba), Sumatra, Indonesia

This place is a must! A quiet lake ontop of a mountain, surrounded by a pristine beach, this is by far our favourite destination of our adventure so far. Sumatra is a must – please put it on your bucket list! Samosir Island has so much natural beauty; from the mountain that runs through the centre of the island to the people who occupy the island.  No pictures or words could ever do this place justice. It was amazing.
IMG_0325 [191929]

Our favourite part was discovering the small town of Tomok while the weekend food markets were happening. We bought 1kg of passionfruit for 15,000IRP (the equivalent of $1.50AUD) and they were so delicious and juicy!

IMG_1635 [6666]


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