Monday Moment 11

13.03.16 – Bukit Lawang, Sumatra, Indonesia

Our highlight of this week was our Jungle Trek to see wild orangutans in Bukit Lawang. We were fortunate enough to have a group with three young couples (including us) from three different countries (Spain, England and Australia) along with our two Indonesian guides! We actually met Matt and Charlotte (from England) on the ferry in Lake Toba and spent time together in Lake Toba and travelled to Bukit Lawang together.

The main focus of the trek is too see the remaining wild orguantans in the Sumatran Jungle. We counted ourselves lucky to see 14, as well as a variety of monkeys and a rare hornbill bird. However, we would be lying if we told you the trek was easy and a relaxing stroll in the Jungle. Its a tough and emotional journey in the heat (Bianca had a moment), up and down hills. But boy was it worth it.

As if the trek couldn’t get any better. We spent the next morning swimming in a waterfall and being taken back to town rafting down the rapids. The raft was just half a dozen black rubber tubes tied together.


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