Monday Moment 12

20.03.16 – Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

The Batu Caves are a very sacred Hindu site in Malaysia. Its the largest Hindu shrine outside of India in the world. At the bottom of the staircase is a 43m high golden statue of Lord Murugan. It is the world’s tallest statue. If you venture to the top of the 300 step staircase, not only have you completed something physically demanding, but the view of greater Kuala Lumpur is worth the effort.


First you enter a large cave lined with Hindu temples and shrines. Upon exiting the vertical view is breathtaking. Looking straight up you can see the opening of the cave and hundred of monkeys clammering up the clifface. Many monkeys call the staircase and caves home, so be careful of your belongings!

It’s a 40 minute train ride from KL Sentral and you only need 1-1.5 hours here. We wouldn’t recommend the tour in the Dark Cave, visiting the Animal Show or paying to enter the cave with the green Hindu statue. Make sure any females travelling here wear something below their knees and you don’t pay any attention to the tacky stalls attempting to sell trinkets as you take in the view.

IMG_1639 [6670]


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