Monday Moment 13

27.03.16 – Ko Lipe, Thailand

Ahhh…………Ko Lipe. We love Ko Lipe and it was really hard to pick our Monday Moment for this week. One experience rose above the rest, our snorkeling day trip around nearby islands. We were picked up from our hotel by the moped taxi and taken to Walking Street where we waited patiently for our flippers and mask before waiting for our number to be called. The local in charge would call various ticket numbers to form groups of 8 for the day. We were placed in a group with 5 other Thai’s who spoke next to no English. They were super lovely and it made for a good day where we could enjoy the adventure.


We travelled between islands by long boat, which was slow but authentic! Every time we arrived at a location the boat would moor with the other longboats next to the designated snorkeling area. There was no time wasted with the guide explaining the island or things to see, you just put your flippers and mask on and set our yourself.

The sealife (coral and fish) were spectacular at all five islands and the GoPro got a good workout. By the end of the day, we were exhausted and it was time to go back to Ko Lipe and relax by the beach. Bianca was also very sunburnt on her lower back and butt (where she missed sunscreen… Ooops)!

IMG_1643 [6674]


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  1. Grandad says:

    Is there more adventure. We are only up to Monday moment 13. Where are you now. The pics are awesome.
    Love Nanny and Grandad


    1. Hello! We are a little behind. But tryin hard to keep you updated. Today we are back in Bangkok after 3 weeks in Burma, and not sure where we are going next! Xxxxx


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