Koh Lipe (Thailand).

25.03.16 – 28.03.16

Koh Lipe……it was love at first sight.


Koh Lipe is a small island (approx 2km long) off the south-west coast of Thailand. We arrived by ferry from Langkawi to easily to most complicated and and laid back immigration you will ever encounter. Arriving on the beach we were told to wait until our passport was ready before we were stamped in on our 15 day visa. The island has three main beaches, Pattaya, Sunset and Sunrise. Pattaya is where you arrive, the heart of the action and closest to Walking Street.

We could have stayed on the island for months. The relaxed atmosphere was overwhelming. Laying by the beach, swimming and reading a good book is all you need. When you’re hungry there are plenty of options along Pattaya Beach or Walking Street to suit most budgets. Island hopping around this region would be a holiday in itself, but our budget wouldn’t stretch that far! One company monopolises transport between islands and the mainland, making it incredibly expensive, but the views are breathtaking.

Some of our greatest discoveries while on the island involved food! If you ever get the chance to go to Koh Lipe, the King Crab Restaurant at the top of the Walking Street hill is a must. It has some of the best quality and best priced food on the island and is central to wherever you stay. Just across the road from the restaurant is a vendor selling Thai pancakes (Roti) and fruit shakes, our two greatest loves! Thai pancakes are fried doughy goodness that can include fillings such as nutella, peanut butter, banana and coconut. Most places smother it with chocolate or condensed milk when served. Bianca fell in love with coconut shakes, but any seasonal fruit is used and blended with milk and ice to create magic.

The island offers lots of snorkeling and diving options from half-day trips to multiple day diving adventures. We chose a full-day snorkeling trip to five nearby islands. For 1100Baht (approx $40 for 2 people) you get to hire fins and a mask, lunch and transport in a long in groups of 8 for the day.

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The sea life on show was incredible, along with the view of the surrounding islands. The day gave us an opportunity to give the GoPro a good workout. There isn’t much more to be said about Koh Lipe. We loved our 3 days and will be back!


  • Discovering Thai pancakes and fruit shakes.
  • Snorkeling day tour to nearby islands.
  • Spending time by the beach and relaxing.
  • Eating at the King Crab restaurant.


  • Planning your time in Thailand.
    • If you arrive by sea you receive a 15 day visa as opposed to a 30 day visa if you arrive by air.
    • If you’re on a budget, pick one or two islands and consider travelling to majority of the way by the mainland as the ferry system is 3-4 times the cost and much slower, less comfortable and unreliable arrival times.
  • Staying at Pattaya Beach. Everything happens on this side of the island. Such a relaxing atmosphere wherever you stay.


Ko Lipe has pulled us out of our Malaysian rut and has been the perfect start to our Thailand adventure. It gets 5 stars and would receive more if it were possible!

Not sure where we will stop next. Most likely Phuket!


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