Phuket (Thailand).

28.03.2016 – 31.03.2016

After leaving Koh Lipe, we decided to make our way north to Phuket – a 14 hour journey comprised of a ferry and 2 different mini-buses ensued. We ended making this journey in one day (by accident) with no food or water….. (It wasn’t a very enjoyable or comfortable day).

Phuket was an interesting destination for us, as we expected it to feel a little bit like Bali, however we were bitterly disappointed by this overly commercial and populated beach. Patong beach is a lot nicer than the commercial beaches in Bali, and the water is such a perfect temperature. Also its a great place to sit and people watch, and also view hundreds of people be scammed by the hawkers or participate in a dodgy parasailing activity. It’s the hundreds of night clubs, Muay Thai spruikers, dodgy tattoo studios and annoying hawkers that let it down.


In saying this though, we did have fun at the Simon Caberet, a musical performed only by lady boys (they are very convincing). It is tacky but a tasteful and fun show that is definitely worth a visit. Phuket gave us an opportunity for our first real cooking class at Pum’s Cooking School. This was a great experience and a insight into Thai cuisine. We each learnt to cook three dishes (Pad Thai and curries included) and learnt about Thai herbs, sauces and flavour combinations. This was the best part of our stay in Phuket and Bianca loved being back in the kitchen cooking again, she couldn’t get enough!!

Phuket is a place for the tourist, not the traveller, and three days was enough for us before moving on!


  • Simon Cabaret. A tasteful and funny performance. Definitely won’t win any awards, but was a great night out with the ladyboys!
  • Thai cooking class at Pum’s Cooking School. We learnt so much about Thai cooking and cuisine. This cooking school is half the price of anything else we’ve seen and is totally hands on for participants. Highly recommended.


  • Stay at a hotel with a pool. It can get hot, and a nice way to enjoy your time in this city.
  • This is a tourist destination, so if you go here be prepared to be bombarded with options for everything from day tours to food.

Patong Beach is a tourist paradise and so different to the rest of Thailand. The perfect place for a parasail ride, new tattoo, ping pong show and a tan, but not for us. 3 stars.

We off to take the overnight bus to Bangkok!


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