Monday Moment 14

03.04.16 – The Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand

The Grand Palace is situated west of the centre of Bangkok and best accessed by ferry. It has been the home of Thailand’s Kings since the 1700’s and is made up of numerous buildings, halls and pavilions including the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. It doesn’t look like much from the plain exterior walls, but once inside we were blown away by the incredible beauty of this place. The Grand Palace is the centerpiece of a larger exhibition of gold and brightly coloured tiled buildings and statues. Even when you look at the roof of each building, the bright colours (decided by each King at the time) are majestic.

A word of warning, ensure both men and women travelling to this sight have their shoulders covered and are wearing long pants. If you aren’t, it is possible to hire clothes for a small deposit inside the palace. Don’t purchase any items outside the palace!

We spent 3 hours here wandering through the temples and buildings and enjoyed every moment. This is the best sight we’ve seen on our trip so far.

IMG_3116 [42849]


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