Monday Moment 15

10.04.16 – Chatuchak Markets, Bangkok, Thailand

These markets are a must if you are ever in Bangkok. The Chatuchak Markets are situated right next to the Mo Chit train line. Super easy to find and once you’re inside the markets it’s super easy to get lost! There are 27 sections and thousands upon thousands of stall here. It’s free to enter and walk around and most food is super cheap (ice blocks for 5Baht = 20 cents) which means you can make it a really cheap experience! If you want, you can go ballistic and buy up big on everything from clothing and pet goods to ceramic sinks and glassware. It’s all there for you.

It is busiest and best to visit on weekends and you can easily spend a few hours walking around the space. In one corner is local artists. This is the section we enjoyed the most and would have loved to buy some pieces before leaving, unfortunately we didn’t have the room in our bags. We will be back though.

This place is amazing and definitely the best market in Asia! The range and amount of items will blow you away.

IMG_3114 [42845]


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