Monday Moment 17

24.04.16 – ZuZu’s Cooking Class, Nyaung Shwe, Myanmar

What a find this was. While having lunch at the Sunflower Resaurant in the middle of Nyaung Shwe (Northern most town of Inle Lake), Bianca saw a poster for a cooking class. Before you know it we were booked in for a cooking class the next morning!


Arriving back at the restaurant at 9am we met our teacher ZuZu; her family run the restaurant. She took us through the local market and explained all the ingredients along with many of the fruits and vegetables we had never encountered. After buying our meat from the local fishermen and butchers we headed to ZuZu’s house by taxi, in the form of horse and cart!

Over the next 3 hours ZuZu and her sister GuGu, showed us an array of traditional Myanmar food as well as the techniques and ingredients to cook it. The menu consisted of:

  • Lentil soup
  • Tempura¬†gourd (zucchini like vegetable)
  • Tomato salad
  • Fermented tea leaf salad
  • Pork curry
  • Fish curry (whole fish used)
  • Tempura banana

After eating it, and the fish eyes, we were full. It was an incredible menu and cooking experience and was definitely the highlight of our second week in Myanmar.

IMG_3117 [42851]


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