Brisbane to Perth Roadtrip: Summer 2016


27.12.2016 to 21.01.2016

The start of our life changing adventure began with a roadtrip from Brisbane to Perth. We drove Bianca’s Ford Focus across the country, 8000kms, over the period of 26 days. It was an awesome adventure and we saw some pretty amazing sights. Our posts will outline our favourite spots along the way, and a few funny stories, but here is an overview of where we went, and how we did it.

Our Route:

Day 1 - Brisbane (Gold Coast) to Grafton
Day 2 - Grafton to Kempsey
Day 3 - Kempsey to Bangalow National Park
Day 4 - Bangalow National Park to Katoomba (via Bondi)
Day 5 - Katoomba
Day 6 - Katoomba to Jervis Bay
Day 7 - Jervis Bay
Day 8 - Jervis Bay to Bega
Day 9 - Bega to Paynesville
Day 10 - Paynesville to Bright (Porepunkah)
Day 11 - Bright (Porepunkah) to Wangaratta 
Day 12 - Wangaratta to Geelong (Ocean Grove) 
Day 13 - Geelong (Ocean Grove) to Johanna Beach
Day 14 - Johanna Beach
Day 15 - Johanna Beach to Mount Gambier
Day 16 - Mount Gambier to Hahndorf
Day 17 - Hahndorf
Day 18 - Hahndorf to Adelaide (Eden Hills)
Day 19 - Adelaide (Eden Hills to Hannah's House)
Day 20 - Adelaide to Port Augusta
Day 21 - Port Augusta to Port Lincoln
Day 22 - Port Lincoln
Day 23 - Port Lincoln to Nullarbor Roadhouse
Day 24 - Nullarbor Roadhouse to Esperance
Day 25 - Esperance
Day 26 - Esperance to Perth (Rockingham)


Most nights we stayed at Caravan Parks and Campgrounds, a few nights were spent in National Parks, and the rest was made up by staying in “Airbnb”  for a real bed and a real nights sleep. Although our set up was small and very unimpressive compared to others we had met along the way, it worked and was perfect for our roadtrip. The car was packed with:

  • Double Swag (Affectionately named: The Green Nap Nap Tent)
  • Esky
  • Tarps and accessories
  • Gas Cooker
  • Picnic Set
  • Cooking Equipment
  • Chairs
  • Table
  • Food and Water (always kept a pack of 24 x 600ml waters in the car, along with emergency water stowed in with the spare wheel)
  • First Aid
  • Our lives – clothes, possessions etc.
  • Ted and Blanky


FullSizeRender (2)

We were so happy we bought a swag for our trip, and not a tent. For us the swag had so many advantages, it was quick and easy to set up, and already has bedding inside. As we were moving quickly and setting up and down almost every 2 days, we loved the ease of a swag, and enjoyed the freedom to pack up within 10 minutes and move on if needed. We also loved the investment into a good gas cooker, we both love food, so being able to have a good cooking appliance, meant we could still cook our favourites along the way, and also allowed us to buy and cook with fresh, local produce.

As the trip progressed over the 4 weeks, we figured out what type of equipment we needed, and also what we could live without. We were carrying alot of additional items, as we were also relocating some of our belongings from onside of the country to the other, so our back seat was full with clothing, bags, suits, homewares and gifts. If we did it again we would be without all the extra personal baggage, and would have had a significant amount of extra room.

IMG_9603 [242784]

Previous to this trip, we had never gone camping together, and had only the experience of camping with our parents as kids. So, it was a little bit of a learning curve and mistakes were made along the way, like the time we left our fly screen open during a hail storm, or not wearing sunscreen in the car whilst driving long days.

On our first night, we were so nervous, as we had never set up or used any of our equipment, so we hid away in the camp site so no one could see us use our gear, or set up our tent to avoid looking like rookies. However by the end of our trip, we must of looked like pros, as we often got compliments on our efficient set up and asked questions about our equipment.

FullSizeRender (3)




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  1. djweiss91 says:

    Your stop in Bondi was awesome 😀


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