Monday Moment 18

01.05.16 – Caves Tour, Hpa-An, Myanmar

It took a lot of time and effort to get ourselves to Hpa-An (think 20 hour slow bumpy bus ride) and the Caves Tour run by Soe Brothers Guesthouse in town was well worth it. You get transport to all the local caves from 8:30am to 4:30pm and we paid 5000Kyats each (about $6AUD). You only have to pay for lunch, some donations as entry and a longboat ride at one location if you want. It was a really great and cheap day!


Our transport for the day!

You are driven to a total of seven locations surrounding Hpa-An including caves, Buddhist statues and temples and get an authentic look into local life in the area. The highlights of the day were walking through the Saddan Cave or Elephant Cave and visiting the weaving factory. We were mesmerized by the locals working the thread. This tour is the best Hpa-An has to offer and was a great way to break up our time back in the south of Myanmar.




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