Monday Moment 19

08.05.16 – Lamma Island, Hong Kong

Our few days back in Bangkok were spent relaxing and Hong Kong wasn’t too different. The tiny nation on the south coast of China provided an excellent location to spend some time shopping and taking things slow before we headed to China proper.

Nathans awkward placement in the scenery
The beach on Lamma Island where we ate our avo, cheese and ham sandwich – delicious!

The clear highlight of this week was Lamma Island. A half hour ferry ride from Hong Kong City, Lamma Island is a tiny, yet scenic location. We walked the length of the island in just over 3 hours and that included a stop by the beach for lunch. The island is for foot traffic only, so its similar to a national park. The terrain is steep, but worth the views from the top. Its a pretty neat little island, as the ferry drops you at one end, and collects you from the other.

More specifically, lunch was probably the most memorable part of the week. When back home in New Farm, Brisbane, we made frequent weekend walks to Coles to buy fresh bread rolls, a roast chicken, avocado and cheese. We swapped roast chicken for ham, but lunch was glorious. Fresh bread is virtually non-existent in Asia.



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