Hangzhou (China).

24.05.2016 – 27.05.2016

To be honest, our stay in Hangzhou was pretty uneventful. Only because we were being lazy and not because we didn’t like the town. We stopped by Hangzhou after reading about its beauty. It is a lovely place a definitely worth a visit, but only for a day trip from Shanghai. The bullet train from Hangzhou to Shanghai take less than an hour and there is enough to do here for a full day. The West Lake, walking street and market and Lingyin Temple are worth a visit. There are some great places to eat and shop in Hangzhou as well.

After three overnight train rides in a week and almost 3 full weeks of backpacking in China we were exhausted. We extended our time in Hangzhou and used it to relax and recharge before we got to Shanghai. Our daily routine became; huge sleep in, McDonald’s for late breakfast, walk around the local streets, lunch, relax in our room, dinner and sleep. One night we decided to be bold and try dinner at a place that had a menu entirely in Chinese. We used a public computer nearby and apps on our phone to try and decipher the Chinese characters. A kind Chinese man circled a few that he recommended, he still couldn’t tell us what they were though. So……..we ended up with a thick tofu soup, fried shrimp in an unknown sauce, some yummy green buns (best description we can give) and a whole roast chicken in a pot. By “whole” we mean “whole”. You get everything from head to toe. Bianca was completely creeped out when you full the breast meat away to reveal the feet, neck and head of the chicken had been steamed in its belly. Safe to say we didn’t see it coming or try any of it!

A “WHOLE”steamed chicken.

After dinner we walked through the people’s square, which marks one end of the markets and witnessed hundreds of people being active. Many were in groups casually dancing to music and there was even one group of children rollerblading around a track (marked with cones) being led by a coach. I suppose this is how the Chinese get active when the majority live in apartments.


It was a great few days without doing anything exciting. The rainy weather only increased our desire to stay in and relax! The highlight was probably sitting down in the hostel common area one night to watch the movie “Zootopia”, our new favourite movie.



  • McDonald’s Breakfast.
  • Bianca unknowingly eating chicken feet (not a favourite, just extremely memorable).
  • Shopping.
  • Relaxing.



  • Do a day trip here from Shanghai, the bullet train takes less than an hour, there’s no need to stay overnight. We stayed a few nights, only to slow down and because we were travelling through from other regions.

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