Monday Moment 23

05.06.16 – Dumpling Soup, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, Shanghai, China

The only reason we went to this market was after reading an online blog that reviewed ALL of the food markets in Shanghai. The market at Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park is out of town (30 minutes on the subway) and very small, with a total of 30 stalls or so, but the stall selling dumpling soup is second to none. The stall is located at the top of the market as you look at the T-intersection. The soup is 10Yuan ($2AUD) and is full of flavour. Although a food market sounds a bit to have as a Monday Moment, the authenticity and genuine vibe of this market, was quite unique to see in Shanghai and is one of the cultural highlights of our time in China.


The family that run the stall are so kind and friendly and made sure we were well looked after. We enjoyed it so much we went back a second time a few nights later.



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