Monday Moment 26

26.06.16 – Golgulsa Templestay, Gyeongju, South Korea

The best thing we did in Korea, outside of Seoul, was a templestay. There are heaps of them all over Korea, but we chose the Golgulsa templestay (located 45 minutes from Gyeongju). For 2 days, we stayed on site an active Buddhist temple, and lived in the traditional way. We woke at 4am to chant and mediate, we did Sunmudo training (a Buddhist Martial Art), performed 108 bows and consumed some delicious vegetarian food. We even got to wear a gorgeous outfit for the time we were there!


It was a really incredible place, the program was so well organized and they provided a really educational experience! Would recommend to anyone looking for a cultural experience in Korea!




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