Shanghai (China).

27.05.2016 – 02.06.2016

The weather for our visit to Shanghai was a bit hit and miss, which was perfect for many shopping adventures on the days it was raining. Shanghai doesn’t have the attractions and sights of a city like Beijing or Rome, but its shopping is second to none. We both thought the shopping in Shanghai was more comprehensive than New York. So naturally, we shopped a lot!

We visited Nanjing Road (has both and East and West section), as it is the most iconic shopping street, but we found this to be lack lustre. The best area is the French Concession, not only for the shopping but for the culture and food. We both absolutely loved it here! Huaihai Street (the main street that runs through the French Concession) was amazing, and lived up to all our shopping dreams. All the major brands had their flagship store located on this street, and it was pretty impressive. There were also major shopping centres along with small boutiques, and plenty of amazing places to eat.

In the heart of the French Consession is Xintiandi, a small car free zone, it does have a Tasla store though, with some swanky resturants, and delightful shops. Whilst here we discovered the most amazing smoothies, cookies and bagels, we went back a few times to experience the deliciousness. We may or may not have blown the budget whilst in this area…..

Tianzifang was also another place we visited which has a market, mazed through some back alley ways. We got lost a few times trying to find our way around. It’s a very pretty part of town, full of boutique stores. Definitely worth a look.


To finish our trip in China, we really wanted to experience a local food market. After much research we didn’t find many contenders and only found a few very commercial markets aimed at tourists. However we did happen to read one blog on the Zhangjang Tech Markets. It’s a small local food market located between the bus station and train station. It offers about 20 different local cuisines at local prices. The dumpling soup we had was incredible, filled with different fillings. The owners of the stall were so interested in us, as not many tourists visit this market. The took many photos with us, and were so happy to see us again for the second time.

Although most of our time in Shanghai consisted of shopping and eating, we did manage to visit The Bund (the river running through the centre), walk around People’ Park, Nathan had a hair cut, we both had a massage and ate and shopped some more. We really did just soak up city life in Shanghai and indulge. The metro system in Shanghai makes travelling around the city super easy.



  • Shopping!!!
  • Xintiandi and the French Concession.
  • Enjoying city life


  • Eating at the Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Food Markets.
  • Spending your time in Shanghai relaxing, shopping and enjoying the city.
  • Using the subway as a means to get around. It can get pretty busy, but its well worth the effort.




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