Andong (South Korea).

16.06.2016 – 18.06.2016

The train ride from Seoul to Andong gave us enough time to grieve. We loved Seoul and it was like a holiday from a holiday, but it was time to move on. Andong is a small city three hours south-east of Seoul. It has a central shopping area and good transport to local tourist attractions. We stayed at the Peter Pan Guesthouse; it felt like someone’s home. We were in an 8-bed dorm by ourselves which was a great plus, and the Wi-Fi was really good here, definitely worth staying here if you come through Andong.


The reason we stopped here was to see the Hahoe Folk Village.  A public bus (50 minutes) will take you to the village for 1300Won and entry is 3000Won. This village is in a pretty location and is surrounded by a river and mountains. This traditional village still have residents that live off the land and the government help them maintain the integrity of their centuries old homes. Most have thatched roofs and were built during the Joseon Dynasty. Although a tourist attraction, you are not bombarded by souvenirs or extra costs (which is nice), a simple 1-2 hour walk around the village will suffice. You can take the free shuttle bus back to where the public bus drops you off to visit the Hahoe Mask Museum (we gave this a miss) and/or lunch.


Having bibimbap for lunch gave us a reason to cheat and grab a cheap and easy dinner from Burger King. Early in our trip we felt guilty when we would have fast food, now it’s a matter of ease and cost. There are plenty of great Korean restaurants around Andong, but it is expensive to spend upwards of $50AUD every night on dinner. Burger King in Korea is really good, which helps! (Bianca’s guilty pleasure is the Chicken Crunch Burger… So good). I would like to point out that Mcdonalds is our fast food of choice 🙂



  • Hahoe Folk Village
  • Burger King for dinner. A local delight that I’m sure will become a global chain within months, watch out for a store near you!


  • One night and one day is plenty here.
  • Train travel around Korea is easy and cheap. We used the train to travel in and out of Andong.

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