Monday Moment 28

10.07.16 – Vespa Tour, Hoi An, Vietnam

Visiting Hoi An is a must if you go to Vietnam. During our stay we did a family Vespa Tour ( through the Hoi An countryside. We each had our own vintage Vespa (1960’s model) and a personal driver, who zoomed through the streets for us. As someone was driving for you, you didn’t have to worry or stress about the workings of the scooter, and really got to enjoy your surroundings, and take in all the sights of local life. It was such an epic experience, and definitely an excellent alternative to a walking tour or a car tour. As when on the Vespas, you are immersed into the scenery and can take it all in. We even got our own personal photographer for the day, who took snaps at different places for us to keep later.





The 4 hour journey stopped at the homes of a number of locals and we got to experience their working life up close. Our stops included; the local market, home of a couple who weave mats from long reeds, home of a family who make rice crackers, home of a family who make rice wine and a farmers field, where we ate lunch.




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