Monday Moment 29

17.07.16 – Hike and Bike Disaster, Dalat, Vietnam

This week was relatively uneventful, but one moment stood hip, chest, head and shoulders above the rest. Our “Hike and Bike” Adventure was a complete disaster. Looking back, something seemed odd from the start. The guide we had was way too excited and treated the bike ride from the centre of town to the mountain entrance as a spin class. It was intense and difficult just to keep up. After an hour we arrived at the base of the mountain and were told it was a two hour hike up and the same time to hike back.


What followed, was a five-hour long expedition through thick, uncharted jungle to reach the top. Our guide had clearly taken a wrong turn. We were attacked by leeches, clambered our way up steep rock faces, crawled through scrub and even waited as our guide hacked away at branches to make a “path”. We knew we were in trouble early when our guide continually took wrong turns, then started to get nervous, then was having heated conversations with his boss on the phone.

At one stage all we could think of was getting lost on the mountain and having to spend the night. It was awful. When we eventually reached the top, it was pure relief, nothing else. We were fortunate that the trek started early in the day and even with a 2 hour return hike we were back at the mountain entrance by 5pm.IMG_9580

This is an experience we will never forget and a story we will tell for many years. Check out our Dalat (Vietnam) post for more information.




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