Monday Moment 30

24.07.16 – Vespa Tour, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We loved our Vespa Tour in Hoi An so much that we chose to do another in Phnom Penh and we were not disappointed. Both of us had a driver and we had a guide. It felt like a private tour. The morning tour focused on major sights and structures in the city.


The highlights of the tour were visiting Wat Phnom (A beautiful temple dedicated to Lady Penh, whom the city is named after), “Art Street”, getting a traditional Buddhist blessing from a 91 year old local monk and being able to see the city from the back of a Vespa.


Vespa Adventures ( are a wonderful company and we thoroughly enjoyed both our tours. Each time one driver is dedicated to taking photos of the day and then they are sent to you via e-mail, a great touch!





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  1. djweiss91 says:

    Love the street art


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