Monday Moment 32

07.08.16 – Downhill Mountain Biking, Chiang Mai, Thailand

The definite highlight of this week was our day mountain biking in the Chiang Mai jungle. TRAILHEAD, a mountain bike company, offers a range of options from easy to extreme. We chose the easy trail. After getting all our gear, we headed out of town into the mountains. The ride was listed at 35km. The first 30 kilometres were a undulating with some really steep inclines, but it we regularly stopped for some incredible scenery and some information about the area from our guide.


Then we stopped…….and we given two options for the last few kilometres home. Continue on the sealed road, or head off-road for some downhill mountain biking. Bianca took the first option, Nathan the second. Bianca enjoyed her cruise to our final destination, following the car all the way. Nathan was taken through some steep terrain to “enjoy” the downhill run to the finish. After arriving back he was a sweaty mess. Physically, it was the most demanding part of our trip, he was exhausted. He learnt a lot form the professional guide and enjoyed it. We were able to capture some of the ride on the GoPro!


On a side note, we also completed a 3-hour Yoga course in Chiang Mai. Bianca found a company that offered a beginner course to work through all the basic philosophies and positions within Yoga. Loved it.




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