Monday Moment 34

21.08.16 – Shan State Cultural Exchange, Pun Pun Farm. Chiang Mai, Thailand

During our stay at Pun Pun, there were many groups who came to learn more about sustainable living and the skills the farm specialised in. The best of these was a group of young people from Shan State (Myanmar) who were embarking on a year-long adventure in Chiang Mai to learn more about social justice and other skills they can take back to Shan State to be able to effect change in their communities.


On their final night with us, we did a Cultural Exchange. The community from Pun Pun would present an item from their country or culture and in return the Shan State group would present something from their culture. As the only Australians and totally bereft of any significant cultural dances or dress we decided to read the Waltzing Matilda poem by Banjo Paterson and give the Shan Group a taste of vegemite. They hated it!


The highlights were watching the Shan items. They have such vibrant traditional dress for each tribe and passion for their people and what they represent, it was inspiring. Song and dance dominated the night.

So much fun fun at Pun Pun!!



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