Monday Moment 43

23.10.16 – Te Puia, Rotorua, New Zealand

We were staying in Tauranga with the Sinclair family, incredible people we met while traveling in Cambodia, and they mentioned we were less than an hour away from Rotorua. The beauty of the North Island is you can travel most places within a days drive.

They suggested we check out Te Puia. Te Puia is a cultural experience that encompasses both the geysers, synonymous with Rotorua, and traditional Maori culture. It was a fantastic day. We got to see a kiwi, the wood carving and weaving school, the geysers and mud pools in full swing and the Maori performance. The Maori performance included a traditional welcome like we were a neighbouring tribe, local songs, games and dances as well as the Haka!

While here we highly recommend you take a tour of the park and buy tickets that include the Maori performance. It’s also cheaper to buy your tickets online!





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