Monday Moment 44

30.10.16 – Glow Worms Night Kayaking, Putaruru, New Zealand

While WOOFing in New Zealand with the Hunt Family on their Dairy Farm we were treated to a spectacular night time experience. Sam took us Night Kayaking down a small river that fed into the Waikato River in search of Glow Worms. And what we saw was nothing short of spectacular. Thousands of glow worms on the steep banks of the river hiding amongst the growth, yet there for all to see in the dead of night. Even though it was cold, raining and we had 6 layers of clothing on, it was worth it.

People would pay hundreds for an experience like this! We felt very lucky to be able to do what we did. The kayak back down the river to our starting point at a local camp ground was pretty unique. It was so dark that only the night sky between the tall trees  guided us back down the river and it often meant we were crashing into each other or other parts of nature lurking in and around the river.

It was a special night on the river and definitely one of the best moments of our year away!



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